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Best Companion Plants for Radish

A radish is an edible root with a pungent, sweet taste. They can be eaten boiled, fried, or even better, raw. You can choose, which way tastes the best for you.

Radishes are full of necessary micronutrients like calcium, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins A, B6, C, E and K. Eating radishes can also give the feeling of fullness.

Radishes can be easily added to any dish, making your meals healthier and better tasting. Plus growing them isn’t too difficult either, but which plants will benefit the growth of your radishes?

What are best companion plants for radish? What plants will benefit from growing next to radishes and which plants not to grow next to your radish? These questions will be answered in this article.

What is Companion Planting?

So before we dive into what are great companion plants for your radish we should explain what companion plants even are. Many gardeners use companion plants to get a better crop.

Companion plants are useful to improve the taste, protect from insects or diseases, and even from the sun the plant which you are growing. Companion planting should benefit both or one of the plants you are growing.


Companion Plants for Radish

Every companion plant will have different qualities and aspects, which will help your radish crop thrive. Choose a companion plant best suited to your needs or taste.



Peas make for a great companion plant because of its ability to add nitrogen to the soil in which they are growing in. This additional nitrogen in the soil will help your radishes to thrive into a beautiful tasty crop. Peas also have similar growing conditions as radishes, this will make taking care of this combo even easier. 



Lettuce will help your radishes stay soft when the temperatures rise, as usual with the rise of temperatures radishes harden and become a little less tasty. Leaf lettuce pairs well with radishes because they are both fast-growing plants as well.  


Tomato plant

This is another plant that will improve the quality of the soil in which they grow by a lot, making it an even better place for your radishes to grow and flourish.



Onions do a great job of repelling harmful insects from your radish with its strong scent. In addition to the repellant of pests, onions will also improve the taste of your radishes. 

Pole Beans

Stack of green beans

Beans are a known nitrogen-fixer and vitamin enricher for your garden soil. Their ability to keep nutrients balanced in your soil will help your radish crop to come out strong and tasty. 



Oregano is a herb that helps repel any unwanted pests from your radish crop. Oregano will repel pests such as mosquitos, cabbage butterflies, and cucumber beetles. 

Radish as a Companion Plant

Radishes can be great companion plants to many other plants. Radishes will help the next plants if planted next to them: carrots, cucumbers, dill, pumpkins, mint, lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, rosemary, and squash.

Mostly radish is used as a sacrifice to keep pests away from other plants. Radishes also help break up the soil for your other plants because they grow faster, being ready to harvest way before many other plants near them.

Radishes also do a fair job of repelling cucumber beetles, helping the cucumber plant grow safely. Radishes will be great for many gardens because of their ability to out-compete weeds. Radishes don’t take up a lot of space either, making it perfect to plant in-between many other plants in need of their abilities.

Bad Companion Plants for Radish

There are just as many plants that should be kept away from radishes as there are that thrive next to them. Many of these plants can be harmful to radishes and radishes can be very harmful to them. Radishes can stunt some plants’ growth even. 


Corn can be a very helpful plant to many other plants but never make the mistake of growing radishes next to them. This plant will steal a very important need from radishes: sufficient sunlight. Corn will also compete with radishes for their needed nutrients. 


Because radishes and kohlrabi need the same nutrients they will start to compete for their much-needed nutrients. This won’t end well for either of the plants. 


Sunflowers and radishes both need sufficient sunlight. Planting them together will not have a good result.


Hyssop will cause radishes to have stunted growth. 


Turnips will also hinder the growth of your radishes. 


The best companion plants for radish are tomato and lettuce, since they both benefit from growing next to each other. Radish also benefits from being grown next to peas, onions, pole beans and oregano.

When grown in close proximity, radish can also help you grow carrots, cucumbers, dill, pumpkins, mint, eggplants, rosemary, and squash. Do refrain from growing radish next to corn, kohlrabi, sunflowers, hyssop and turnips.

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