China Roses and 4 Things You Want To Know

China roses

In this article, we’ll talk about China roses and why they are unique. We’ll also tell you about the most popular China roses. So, keep reading!

What Are China Roses?

We could say that China roses or rosa chinesis are roses as we know them today. They were first introduced to Europeans in 1792 and were introduced to other continents afterward. We could say that the year of introduction of those roses was agreed upon by historians. The first known books about China roses date back to 1792. At the same time, the first paintings of China roses date back to 1529 and can be admired at the National Gallery in London.

The answer to the question of why they became so popular and well-known is simple – they were the first roses with repeat flowering capabilities. In other words, if you start growing them, you can harvest them over multiple years and never have to replant them again.

In the beginning, the only roses known to the western world with regrowing capabilities were Autumn Damask roses. What differentiates China roses from Autumn Damask roses is their exceptionally wide range of different colors, and they have a very strong and long-lasting scent that can be differentiated from other roses.

China roses
China roses

What Makes China Roses Unique?

China roses are unique and well-known for their wide color palette and strong scent. They are one of the few roses that can change their color throughout the whole growing season. At the beginning of the growing season, which is spring, they are very brightly colored and do not have a strong scent or perfume. As time passes along the season, they start to grow into darker and darker colors and distribute a stronger and stronger scent. For example, if your roses are yellow when planting, they can easily end up being dark red roses at the end of the season.

Another factor is that China roses are unique in their capability to survive winter. You never have to pull them out and replant them at the beginning of spring. You just need to cover them with natural materials, for example, fir branches. If you live in a place where there are no fir trees, you can easily find help from your local garden centers, where you will find dozens of different so-called blankets that help to protect your precious plants over harsh winter temperatures and snow.

Which Are the Most Popular China Roses We Know Today

The most popular China roses known all over the world are:

  • Arethusa
  • Bloomfield Abundance
  • Cecile Brunner
  • Cramoisi Superieure
  • Gruss an Teplitz
  • Hermosa
  • Irene watts
  • La Belle Marseillaise
  • Le Vesuve
  • Louis XIV
  • Mme. Laurette Messimy
  • Mutabilis
  • Old Blush
  • Perle d’Or
  • Rosa x odorata “Bengal Crimson”
  • Sophie’s Perpetual
  • Viridiflora, also known as “The Green Rose”

How To Create Your Own China Rose Garden

After reading all the features of the roses, you might find yourself thinking about creating your rose garden. As building a rose garden from scratch requires long hours of work, we suggest starting with small flower beds or rose bushes.

China rose garden
China rose garden

Before planting your first rose plant, you have to keep in mind the growing environment. The most important aspect is sunlight. Rosa chinesis do not like direct sunlight and sitting in complete shade. They like varied growing environments.

If you want your plant to grow into a bush, you just need to throw away your scissors and wait for the plant to grow. If you do not prune them, they will start to grow wider and wider. In case you do not have a very large dedicated space for your precious plants, you can start to prune them and add a small plant ladder, for example. This way, they will magically start to grow in height.

Another clever way to cut down on time needed to keep your rose garden neat and tidy is by adding pine bark mulch. It automatically turns your flower bed into a well-groomed professional rose bush. In addition to making things look tidy, they help to keep your plants moist. This is especially useful for areas with little precipitation. If you live in an area with enough rain, you might think that you do not need mulch.

But what about weed growth? The weeds will start to grow no matter where you live or start your rose garden. The mulch changes the acidic level of soil, hence turning your soil into an unsuitable environment for all the unwanted plants.