Modern Garden Edging Ideas

Modern garden edging

Modern gardening is all about making the best use of your space and resources.

You might be thinking of a few ways to improve your garden or start a new one altogether. Modern garden edging ideas can help you achieve this with some innovative ideas that you might find helpful.

We’ve put together this article to help you with some of the best modern garden edging ideas to make your garden look better than ever. So, read on!

What Is Garden Edging?

A garden edging is a border installed around your garden’s perimeter. It can help to define the boundaries between different areas of your garden and create a more visually appealing space.

The edging techniques are also used to hold soil in place, which helps prevent erosion and makes your garden more effective at growing plants.

The edging can be made from various materials, including concrete or stone. However, the most common types are made from metal and plastic.

The popularity of edging has increased in recent years as people have become more interested in creating natural-looking gardens with practical benefits.

Below we will discuss some modern edging techniques that are popular today. The edging methods and materials would help you create a beautiful and functional garden.

5 Modern Garden Edging Ideas You Should Try

Garden edging is a great way to keep your garden in order and divide the plants. It is all about creativity, and there’s always room for new ideas.

Below are some modern ideas to consider when designing your garden edging.

Idea #1: Lattice Edging

Lattice garden edging
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Lattice edging is a great way to add height and interest to your garden beds. It also provides a nice contrast between the plants and the hardscape of your yard.

Depending on your available materials, you can make lattice edging out of wood or metal. For this type of edging, you’ll want to use a sturdy material that won’t bend or break easily.

You can even use the lattice to create a border around your garden. To do this, nail or screw the lattice edging to stakes placed at regular intervals along the perimeter of your yard. Then fill in with soil and enjoy.

Idea #2: Edging With a Stone Border

Stone border garden edging
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One of the most popular ideas is a stone border. The stones can be arranged in several patterns, including a herringbone pattern or a brick-like design.

You can use small stones or large ones. If you choose small rocks, the border will look more like a decorative feature and less like edging. But if you want to create a clearly defined area, go with larger stones.

You can also fill the spaces between the stones with moss or decorative rocks. If you want a more finished look, consider using mortared stone edging instead of natural stone placed by hand.

Add Plants Along the Edges

Remember the plants! They need their attention too! You can add plants along the edges of your beds as well as in between them so they look pretty when they bloom.

Idea #3: Modern Wood Edging

Wood garden edging
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If you want to go with a more natural look, wood is the way to go. Many types of wood can be used for edgings, such as cedar or pine. You can also paint or stain it if you want more color in your garden.

Wood is an excellent option because it’s durable, low maintenance, and blends well with various styles. Plus, it adds character to your garden without taking up too much space.

You can even make your wood edging by cutting a log into the shape you like and attaching it to the ground. Although this looks best independently, it also complements other stone or brick edging types.

Idea #4: Edging With Artificial Grass Border

Artificial grass
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Artificial grass is a popular alternative to natural stone or brick edging. It looks like real turf, but it’s made from plastic and is less expensive.

This grass is an excellent option for edging because it’s durable, low-maintenance, and looks good year-round. Additionally, It blends in well with natural lawns and can be used as an accent.

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your garden, artificial grass is a great way to do so without spending too much time or money on it. You can buy pre-made artificial lawn borders in various heights and colors.

GABION Cages Provide a Way To Add Extra Flair

Don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous with your garden edging. If you want more adventure, try installing GABION cages. These are a great option because they can be installed in any orientation and quickly move around when necessary.

Idea #5: Use Paver Border

Paver borderr garden
Source: Decorative Concrete Kingdom

Pavers can create an edging with a more finished look than natural stone. They are also easier to install because you don’t need to worry about finding the right-sized rocks or placing them in the correct pattern.

You can arrange pavers in any design you want and leave gaps between them so that plants can grow through.

Pavers are also easy to install since all you need is the mortar to adhere them together. If you have little experience working with pavers, consider hiring a professional to install them.

If you do decide to DIY, be sure to wear protective gear and take proper safety precautions.


Edging your garden will do more than make it look neat and well-organized. Creating a strong and versatile fence that supports your plants as they grow is essential, preventing them from straying into a neighboring plot or growing out of control.

Create an attractive design that includes curves, shapes, and other unique features, put down wood or marble chips to cover up any gaps between the borders and surrounding plants, and stand back and admire your beautiful garden edging idea.

Hopefully, you’ll follow this guide and implement your garden layout soon. It’s a fun activity and will bring a fresh look to your home. Remember to stay flexible, though, and allow for changes as material costs and space considerations come into play! Good luck with your project!

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