Snow White Waffle Plant Growing Guide

snow white waffle plant

If you’re looking for a houseplant that is small, colorful, and easy to care for Snow White Waffle Plant is the right choice. It is a patented cultivar (HEGH01) of the red ivy, which is native to Java. It has two scientific names (Hemigraphis alternata ‘Snow White’) and (Strobilanthes alternata ‘Snow White’).

It is a prostrate plant, which means its branches or stems spread along the ground. Snow White Waffle plant has oval-shaped leaves that have three main colors, pink/purple, creamy with a pink undertone, and light green. Its blooms are tiny, white, and slightly pink and shaped like a bell.

Types of Waffle Plants

All types of Waffle plants are the relatively same size: 6 inches (15 cm) tall and 18 inches (45 cm) wide. Relatively speaking, they also demand the same conditions for growing, so you can choose the color combination you prefer.

  • ‘Red Flame Ivy’ – Metallic purple underside with deep green foliage.
  • ‘Purple Waffle Plant‘ – Metallic purple foliage with green underside, a known air purifier
  • ‘Belgian Waffle’ – Another patented cultivar, medium-green foliage with creamy yellow edges
purple waffle plant
Flowering purple waffle plant Source: VanLap

Basic Care

Snow White Waffle Plant is a terrific houseplant because it does not require much maintenance: it can grow without direct light and needs repotting every 5 years. As a bonus, it isn’t toxic! Although there are some nuances you should know:

Soil & Fertilizer

General use potting mix (neutral pH) is good for the Snow White Waffle plant. Use a container with drainage holes to prevent and slightly well-draining soil to prevent root rot.

As for fertilizer, feed it slow-release fertilizer during the growing period, which is high in phosphorus. It is a small plant and not a heavy feeder, so once a month might do just fine.


The soil of Snow White Waffle Plant should be kept slightly moist at all times, do not let it dry out. However, the soil being excessively damp is not good either. Correct watering is critical to a healthy waffle plant.

How to do it? Soil should be kept as moist as a towel, which has been twisted a couple of times. When indoor air is dry, this means a couple of times a week. If you aren’t home that much try adding a little sphagnum peat moss to the mixture to help retain moisture.


Snow White Waffle Plant thrives in bright indirect light. Direct light will burn the foliage, slight sun in the morning or the evening is fine. It might even encourage colorful growth, too little light will cause the plant to lose color.

If you happen to live in a place with long-lasting darkness and no sunlight, you might want to invest in artificial plant lights.

rare pink waffle plant
Rare pink waffle plant Source: Clint


Snow White Waffle Plant is a tropical plant, which means it enjoys high humidity and warm temperatures. Typical indoor temperatures range between 60 – 80 °F (15.6 to 26.6), which is fine for this plant. It can grow outside in the garden in USDA Hardiness zones 11-12.

Humidity is more of an issue. In times of low humidity, placing Snow White Waffle Plant near a humidifier might be necessary. You can also use a mist spray regularly, which this tropical plant will enjoy.


Pruning is not mandatory for this plant, it will look magnificent either way. If you want to try, pinch the top part of the growing stem. Doing this will cause offshoots to grow.


Propagating Hemigraphis alternata ‘Snow White’ via stem cuttings is almost too easy:

  • Cut a stem cutting from new growth, which has a node
  • Place it in moist potting soil
  • Keep it damp, cover with a plastic bag if necessary
  • Once it is visibly growing, it is ready to be replanted


The most common disease affecting Snow White Waffle Plants is root rot, which is usually caused by overwatering. Making soil slightly more well-draining can also prevent this.

Powdery mildew can affect this plant as well since it is usually grown in high-humidity environments. The first indication is yellowing leaves with dark spots. Spray fungicide on the plant to save it. If the powdery mildew has gotten out of control it is an unfortunate end for this beautiful plant.


The main pests of Snow White Waffle Plants are scale and whiteflies. Fortunately, they can easily be sprayed off with water, which the plant will enjoy anyway.

Use insecticidal soap sprays if the infestation is more serious. Spider mites won’t touch this plant due to the high-humidity environment you have most definitely provided.


Snow White Waffle Plant is a terrific houseplant, which is guaranteed to turn some heads. Watering this plant correctly is essential for its healthy growth. Keep it in bright indirect light and give it a little bit of slow-release fertilizer and your waffle plant will thrive without any problems.

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