5 Good Reasons to Plant  Pindo Palm

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Pindo palm (Butia capitata) is a low-maintenance and cold-hardy palm tree. Sometimes pindo palm is also called jelly palm or wine palm, because its fruit are used to make jelly or wine.

Let's start!

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specimen plant

Jelly palms will add a tropical feel to your outdoor living space, or garden. It is also possible to grow jelly palms in containers and indoors! They look particularly attractive near water.



Jelly palm does not need to be pruned or paid attention to. Sometimes the plant may run out of nutrients.


delicious FRUIT

Jelly palms grow bright orange fruit in large clusters, which hang from the tree. Sometimes these fruits are called ‘pindo dates.’


no diseases or pests

Wine palms are not bothered by any known major diseases or pests. Although it may need micronutrients sometimes as mentioned before. Pindo palm is susceptible to root rot, so do not overwater it.



Mature jelly palms can tolerate cold temperatures, as low as 5 °F (-15 °C). You can enjoy the shade of a palm tree without having to live in a hot climate!

That's all of the 5 reasons! Read more about this plant in our article!