Cosmos Flowers – A Detailed Gardening Guide

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They are known for their daisy-like flowers and delicate foliage and attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden

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The name “cosmos” comes from the Greek word “kosmos” which means “order” or “beautiful.”


Full sun or partial shade

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Growing conditions 


Well-draining soil, rich in organic matter

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Can survive as perennials in USDA zones 2-11.


Fertilize once a month during spring and summer


Pinch bag the stems, when they become leggy


Growing tips 

Water Droplet

Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged

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Cosmos are generally not prone to pests and diseases, but they can occasionally be affected by aphids, spider mites, or powdery mildew.

Pests & Diseases

If you do notice pests or diseases on your cosmos, you can treat them with insecticidal soap or a fungicide.

That's the basic knowledge on growing and caring for Cosmos Flowers. Read our full guide to learn about pest prevention and most common problems with this plant!

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