How To Grow Red Dogwood Trees?

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Red dogwood trees are small trees or shrubs, which have red stems in the winter.

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They are great as borders and privacy hedges from spring to fall. Red dogwood trees are very popular, because they provide color throughout all seasons and are easy to care for.


Full sun or partial shade

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Growing conditions 


Soil tolerant, can grow in most types of soil

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Can be grown in USDA Hardiness zones 3-8. Difficult to grow in humid environments.


Feed it fish-emulsion or compost, or none at all


Prune back 1/3 of the stems annually if you want to maintain same size


Growing tips 

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Keep the soil moist at all times, does not tolerate dryness

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If you want to know how to propagate this plant, or how to prevent common problems like pests and diseases. Read our full guide!

Propagating and Problems

That's the basic knowledge on growing and caring for Red Dogwood Trees. Read our full guide to learn more about this plant!

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