Trees With Heart Shaped Leaves

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Incorporating ornamental trees into your garden is a bright landscaping idea. Besides beauty, showy vegetation adds value and a habitat for wildlife. But very few gardeners can select the shrub that blends with their compounds.

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Silver Linden

The deciduous ornamental tree makes a good choice for a parkway or street. Its tender and light gray bark feels smooth. And as it ages, the bark grows ridged.


Eastern Redbud

Unlike other trees, Redbud’s showy flowers bloom before the leaves appear. So, it stands out as a specimen in a wooded landscape and as an understory tree.


Southern Catalpa

The Southern Catalpa is also known as the cigar tree or bean tree. Cigar trees’ key features include rapid growth rate, irregular shape, and long life.


White Mulberry

The Morus alba tree is also known as White Mulberry. Though it’s native to China, it has spread to America, Asia, and the southern part of Europe. Mulberry produces sweet purple fruits that attract birds and other wildlife.


Caucasian Lime

A mature Crimean Linden tree presents a pyramidal shape, a height of 40 to 60 feet, and a width of 20 to 30 feet. Its dense crown and hanging branches give the tree high resistance to wind.

These are the 5 trees that have heart-shaped leaves. Read more about them in our full article!