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What Are the Best Companion Plants for Lettuce?

Lettuce growing

If you are a gardener looking for the best companion plants for your lettuce, you are at the right place.

Quick Answer

The best companion plants for lettuce are beets, carrots, garlic, and eggplant. Cucumbers and asparagus are also compatible. Ornamental plants like marigolds and nasturtiums go well with lettuce too.

Lettuce only takes up a little space, so you must pair it up with other plants. Some plants are compatible. You don’t need to worry much about choosing your lettuce neighbors. We can help you with that. 

Keep reading, and you will find answers to your questions, like, what is lettuce? What is the importance of companion planting? And what are the best companion plants for lettuce? 

What Is Lettuce?

Lettuce belongs to the Family of Asteraceae and was first cultivated by Egyptians. It is well known for its leafy appearance in green color.

On average, it can grow up to 12-40 inches. Gardeners like you harvest it on an annual basis.

You can use lettuce as your salad base. The green part of the salad is usually lettuce leaves.

In contrast, many people like to cook before eating it. You can try it in any form you want. 

Health Benefits Of Lettuce


Lettuce has several types, each having its distinct health benefits. Let’s have a look at its benefits now:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Agent
  • Reduce Cholesterol Levels
  • Fights off Anxiety

Benefit #1: Anti-Inflammatory Agent

It contains biocatalysts like lipoxygenase and carrageenan, aiding in inflammation control. Many experiments have proved this fact.

Lettuce leaves mostly contain vitamins A and K, which are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. 

Benefit #2: Reduce Cholesterol Levels

The leafy vegetable can help reduce cholesterol levels.

The presence of carotenoids and antioxidants like Vitamin E hikes the effect of lipid metabolism in the body. Hence, minimizing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. 

Benefit #3: Fights Off Anxiety

Lettuce has many neurological properties in it. Unani have been using its extracts in their medicines since the middle ages.

Lettuce contains non-polar agents acting as an antidepressant. It relieves people from anxiety and helps them sleep soundly. 

Why Is Companion Planting Important for Lettuce?

If you want to grow a beautiful lettuce garden, you will need to exercise companion planting. If you let your lettuce grow alone, it will not have the benefits of companion planting.

Let me introduce you to the term – companion planting first. Companion planting is a technique for growing different types of plants together.

Understanding its importance and using it makes your garden an art. That is what you want. Right?

As for lettuce, companion planting is essential for lettuce for various reasons. Here we have listed some benefits lettuce enjoys near other plants.

Benefit #1: Protection From the Heat

Almost 6 hours of sunlight is enough for lettuce to grow. So it will need shade for the rest of the day.

Vines of plants like beans, cucumbers, or peas will come in handy. These dormant vines will protect the leafy lettuce from the summer heat. 

Benefit #2: Ward off Pests

Plants, i.e., marigolds and nasturtiums, will protect lettuce from pests like nematodes. Garlic repels beetles when planted near the lettuce.

The primary purpose of companion planting is to perplex and repel harmful pests. 

Benefit #3: Improve Soil Nutrients

Some plants add essential nutrients to the soil helping other plants grow well. Legumes fix nitrogen from the air and add it to the soil.

This enables the plants to benefit lettuce by affecting its growth efficiency and health. 

Benefit #4: Encourage Growth and Taste

Some plants release beneficial chemicals into the soil. It increases lettuce growth and taste.

Companion planting leads to a healthy garden. So if you want your salads to be tasty, you must try companion planting. 

Companion Plants for Lettuce

Many companion plants are suitable to grow along with lettuce. Whether you want to control pests, remove weeds or grow them out of season.

There is a companion plant for lettuce to cover up any reason. Let’s discover more about these companion plants.

Companion Plant #1: Beets


If you are looking for a companion plant that is minimal and valuable, you should go for the beets. It is an underground plant, and lettuce has shallow roots.

Both will fit well as they will not have to fight each other for space. Moreover, beets enhance the soil by adding nutrients like magnesium and nitrogen. Hence, making it valuable for lettuce.

Companion Plant #2: Carrots


Carrots come with nutritional outcomes as well as other benefits. They go well with each other because carrots are deep root plants, and lettuce is shallow.

You can enjoy peaceful coexistence, along with better tastes and aesthetical foliage. In other words, placing carrots with lettuce would be a good decision.

Companion Plant #3: Garlic


You won’t regret planting garlic with lettuce as it can keep harmful pests like aphids away from your lettuce.

Apart from this, it also grows its bulb underground so that lettuce can enjoy free space above. 

Companion Plant #4: Nasturtiums


Nasturtiums attract aphids. So if aphids choose to attack, they will go to nasturtiums, not lettuce.

Placing a nasturtium plant in your garden (but a little away) can act as a beautiful trap for them.

Moreover, nasturtiums are edible – a cherry on top. You can add them to your salad too. 

Companion Plant #5: Cucumber

Cucumbers on a plant

Cucumbers are heat lovers. It provides shade to lettuce, protecting it from sunlight in summer.

But you need to ensure that cucumbers don’t overshadow your lettuce and that both will grow well. 

Companion Plant #6: Asparagus


Asparagus is a source of natural shade for lettuce. Yet, it is suitable if you let it grow in your garden.

It will help store extra energy for next season. Its fern-like leaves protect your lettuce from wilting if overexposed to the sun. 

Companion Plant #7: Eggplant


A significant advantage to planting eggplant near lettuce is the space.

Eggplant is a summer plant. It grows in summer, which is unfavorable weather for lettuce. So, after you harvest your lettuce, eggplant will take its space. 

Companion Plant #8: Marigolds

Marigolds are famous for their sacrificial nature. It will attract pests like slugs and keep them away from your lettuce.

Moreover, its bright orange and red color make it a beautiful addition to your garden.

Bottom Line

Growing lettuce with other companion plants in your garden is lovely. Its bountiful harvest depends upon the right choice of plants to grow it with.

Speaking of the benefits, people consuming lettuce enjoy its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to lower cholesterol levels. Planting it with other companion plants heightens its advantages. 

You will not be disappointed when choosing which plants to grow with lettuce. There are many choices available to choose from for every season.

We have mentioned some best companion plants for lettuce in this article. So, go ahead and let us know which one you will choose!

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