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What Are The Best Parsley Companion Plants?


Parsley is a versatile green herb used in culinary and medicine. It is most commonly used in American, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine and is easy to grow at home. It can be added to soups, stews, pesto, sauces, and so on.

That’s not all parsley is good for. Parsley can also deter pests from other plants growing in your garden, making it a natural pest repellent. Some plants will benefit parsley by growing them together. This is called companion planting.

In this article, we will tell you about many different plants that should be grown together with parsley. We will also tell you what not to plant with parsley!

The Best Companion Plants for Parsley

Parsley usually thrives together with vegetables, but some flowers and trees too! Let’s get right into it. However, few plants really benefit parsley. Parsley is the one doing most of the work.

#1 Asparagus


Asparagus is a terrific companion to parsley. They benefit most from growing together. Parsley deters asparagus beetles, which can be nasty to asparagus. Plant parsley between asparagus rows and you do not have to worry about annoying pests for asparagus!

#2 Tomatoes

Tomato plant

Tomatoes are often attacked by aphids. Luckily, parsley attracts hoverflies. Larva of hoverflies are natural predators of aphids, thirps and other insects. Plant some parsley near the tomatoes to ensure a lot of healthy and juicy tomatoes.

#3 Pear and Apple Trees

apple tree

Pear and apple trees have the same pests, so we bunched them in together. Parsley attracts braconid wasps, which eat gypsy moths. Gypsy moths are an annoying pest of those fruit trees. Plant parsley near the trees to help the fruit trees, but make sure to plant parsley in the sun and not in complete shade.

#4 Roses

Bush red roses

Roses are very common garden flowers, probably the most popular flower in the world. To grow roses easily, plant some parsley next to them. Parsley will deter sawflies, which are a pest to roses. The fragrance of roses and parsley also go well together and parsley will improve the fragrance of roses, making it sweeter.

#5 Peppers

Peppers are quite good at deterring pests, but aphids and beetles can be troublesome. Fungus gnats and spider mites can also be a problem when growing peppers indoors. Plant some parsley near the pepper plants to help them get grow healthily without pests.

#6 Chives

Chives are susceptible to pests when growing early in the spring. Parsley that has survived the winter will attract helpful insects that pray on pests that like to eat chives.

#7 Corn


Armyworms are a pest that is a nuisance to corn and yes, parsley will help against armyworms too. It is beneficial to plant parsley near corn for only that reason.

#8 Beans


Beans are commonly disturbed by cutworms. At this point, parsley seems like a cureall companion plant for all pests does it not? Parsley attracts tachinid flies, which feast on cutworms.

#9 Brassicas


You’ve probably heard of cabbage worms if you have spent some time out of metropolitan areas. They are a common pest to all plants from the Brassica family, such as cabbage and cauliflower. Parsley will also help deter cabbage worms away from your cabbages.

What Not to Plant With Parsley

It may have seemed like parsley can help against most pests and you should plant it all over your garden. Unfortunately, there are some plants you should not companion plant with parsley.

#1 Lettuce

Lettuce growing

Remember when you read that parsley attracts hoverflies? They love to eat lettuce. It is best to grow these plants apart just because of that. Somehow lettuce also makes parsley bolt earlier than usual.

#2 Mint


Mint is an invasive plant with an extensive root system, it will not allow parsley to grow. Mint should not be grown with most herbs, generally.

#3 Carrots


Carrots and parsley have the same nutrient requirements and will compete for resources, do not grow them together or they will not grow well.


Parsley is a great companion plant, its specialty is deterring pests away by attracting helpful insects and pollinators. Plant parsley with roses, pear and apple trees, brassicas, corn, beans, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, and chives. Do not plant parsley with lettuce, mint, or carrots.

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